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About us

Each of our journeys, which are created around a story, provides an opportunity to the travelers to unveil the uniqueness of the destination themselves and to imagine a story of their own. After all, there is a story in every journey!

Two Decades of Innovation
We live in a wonderful world, full of beauty, charm and adventure. Yet, in the haste of our daily lifestyle, we often limit our imagination to familiar spaces, routines and ways of living. Seeing this around us, we aspired to create opportunities in places we love, with off-the-beaten track experiences. This is how anubhuti was conceived. We believe that there is no better way to convey our joy than through anubhuti Journeys. We hope to encourage a curious attitude, a new language of expression, and reflect on a world which knows no national boundaries.

By visiting other cultures, we often question who we are and where we come from. In our journeys, we courageously move away from the typical tourist sites, standard resorts and itineraries by bringing the special moments to you. It would be a pity not to savor the free treasures of the world. But please don't get us wrong. We love to live the good life too, and enjoy the comfort of the royal suites or a drink near the poolside at a luxury hotel. At the same time, we step forward to share the cultural lives of the locals and the incredible landscapes. Have a look into our carefully designed journeys and you will begin to discover the thrill which we simply called "anubhutiĒ.

In Praise of authenticity

In her relentless quest for excitement in the local culture, Helga Peeters, founded "anubhuti" around the delightful discoveries, by travelling slowly and connecting with the locals along the way. This can be seen in the journeys that she herself creates for anubhuti. Helga understands the desire for immediacy, and so there is a decided emphasis on engagement with a region in a variety of ways. Her philosophy for anubhuti is to offer her guests a true inside view of the culture, and authentic experiences which only the locals know about. Through her passion for art and culture, she brings the local authentic culture to the West by organizing music, dance and exhibitions. When she isn't travelling, Helga catches up with the people, art and culture at home in Belgium, but always keeps the local culture close to her heart. For her, creating a journey is like creating a piece of choreography where she becomes intimately familiar with every step, even if it is a snapshot. Then the output is an aesthetic expression where the guests feel being a part of the play.


In this 21st century business environment, Lama Ang Losang is our 'Spiritual Advisor', who's inspiring laughter brings us new perspectives for our journeys. Our association with him has been for years, yet it is always fresh and witty. He helps us to see the origin of our problems and illusive interpretations of the situations with a creative and compassionate mind. He brings us closer to the ancient wisdom so that we let go of our stress. He inspires us to enjoy our work every day, more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

In his company we feel like enthusiastic kids full of curiosities and dreams which keep us moving.

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